Analytical Laboratory Services

For years, IERS used analytical laboratories throughout California and Nevada to do our water and soil testing. Often times we had to wait weeks for our most crucial soil and water testing results. In order to provide faster, more reliable laboratory test results, we founded our own analytical laboratory to meet our needs for fast, consistent, and dependable lab services. We provided the same high level of lab services for our clients. Not only will you receive accurate results within days, but you will also have direct access to laboratory technicians to answer any questions you may have about your water or soil tests. When your project has a short timeline contact us (530-581-IERS) so that we can provide you with the quality analytical laboratory services that make your project successful.

The IERS analytical laboratory provides multiple options for soil and water testing. The analytical testing services we provide include: soil organic matter content, water sediment and organic matter content, total suspended solids (TSS), turbidity, and pH. Our most frequently used service is organic matter content analysis in our soil testing laboratory. In most cases, we can turn around these samples in 48 hours.

Our lab is located in Tahoe City and we serve the greater Lake Tahoe and Truckee areas in California and Nevada. Because we are local experts, we can guide you in the best collection methods, advise you on water and soil testing options, and assist you in interpreting the results. Please contact us online or by phone 530-581-IERS for more information, including current rates.

IERS Analytical Laboratory