Erosion Control Products: Pine Needle Wattles

What are pine needle wattles?
A pine needle wattle (or fiber roll) is a 100% biodegradable rolled erosion control product. Pine needle wattles are made by wrapping coir (coconut) fabric around locally-sourced pine needles. They are temporary soil erosion control products designed to intercept runoff and filter the sediment in runoff.
How do pine needle wattles compare to straw wattles?
In contrast to the commonly used straw wattles, pine needle wattles have several advantages as an erosion and sediment control product. Most importantly, pine needle wattles filter sediment from runoff, while straw wattles and other rolled erosion control devices do not. Pine needle wattles are more durable than straw and are one of the most versatile erosion control means available. They are very easy to install, un-install, and re-install. They also do not require staking nor do they disturb the soil. Pine needle wattles can be used throughout several seasons at different construction sites, whereas straw wattles do not last after repeated staking and re-location. Unlike straw wattles, pine needle wattles are designed to function on pavement or other impervious surfaces. Because pine needle wattles use biodegradable and natural materials for erosion control, they have a low aesthetic impact in the Tahoe area and in the greater Sierra Nevada.
How much do pine needle wattles cost?
Our pine needle wattles are priced per the linear foot and come in 25' lengths. Please contact us online or by phone for a quote. Volume discounts are available and custom sizes can be fabricated.
Would you like your pine needles re-used as wattles?
Each year, homeowners and landscapers dispose of pine needles with their yard waste during spring clean-up. If you have a significant quantity of pine needles that are trash-free, IERS will do a free pickup. Your pine needles will be re-used locally for erosion control projects. This is a great way to recycle and re-use your yard waste. Contact us online or at 530-581-IERS to arrange free pickup or drop-off of your pine needles.
Pine needle wattles in use on Hwy 267
Pine needle wattles in use on Hwy 267.
Pine needle wattles on an impervious surface
Pine needle wattles on an impervious surface.
Pine needle wattle construction
Pine needle wattles are made locally at locations throughout the Tahoe region.