Northstar Environmental Management

Project Elements

  • Preparation of SWPPP documents and user-friendly SWPPP Field Handbooks
  • Development of watershed-based approach to SWPPP implementation
  • BMP training program
  • Partnership development and key agreements
  • SWPPP implementation oversight and BMP inspections
  • Revegetation and restoration design, implementation and oversight
  • Water quality monitoring program
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Agency facilitation

Key Outcomes

  • Protection of Martis Creek watershed
  • Increased awareness of regulatory requirements, stormwater controls and BMP effectiveness
  • 100% stormwater compliance in 2007-2008
  • Incorporation of effective environmental protection practices into daily operating procedures on construction sites

Integrated Environmental Restoration Services (IERS) created and implemented an adaptive environmental management program for East West Partners encompassing 10 individual projects totaling more than $10 million of development at Northstar-at-Tahoe. After several seasons of non-compliance with NPDES general permit requirements, IERS successfully led an operational and cultural shift in the mindset of developers and contractors that has resulted in greater accountability and 100% stormwater compliance since 2007. From key agreements to daily reporting procedures, the entire adaptive management program was developed through a collaborative process with regulatory agencies, contractors and developers to create ownership and accountability. Water Board staff declared this project to be the quickest and most complete turnaround they had ever observed in the region.

IERS' specific responsibilities included:

  1. Preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP),
  2. Development of a watershed-based approach to SWPPP implementation,
  3. Development and implementation of a Best Management Practices (BMPs) training program,
  4. Partnership development and key agreements between all parties,
  5. Disturbed soil restoration/revegetation design, implementation and oversight,
  6. Water quality monitoring and compliance reporting,
  7. Air quality monitoring, and
  8. Agency facilitation with Placer County, Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board and Department of Fish and Game.

Northstar Village during construction